Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sock Puppet Show

Because Stella likes to scratch her face and her head while she sleeps (usually drawing blood and waking herself up, thereby waking us up), she gets to have socks on her hands while she sleeps. It totally works; see how peaceful she looks?


Anonymous said...

Poor little baby, scratching herself. But she still looks adorable.

Chelle said...

Jet tstill does that!! He even has to have them on all day unless I am holding him because all he does is scratch. We have started calling him jetty kitty because if he is not scratching his head he is scratching his legs, me, the highchair, saucer, pretty much anything he can, it is the strangest thing. He is like a little cat sharpening his claws!!

Karalynn said...

Paige! You did a great job - Stella is adorable. I love all the pictures.