Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Happy Birthday, Paige!

It was 26 years ago yesterday that a young lady was born to Rick and Yvonne Owens in Pocatello, Idaho. Her name was Paige. Paige spent the earlier part of her life hanging out in Idaho, waiting for her father to graduate from college.

That day soon came, and Paige and her family packed up and went to live in the Midwest, the Chicago, Illinois area. There, Paige became interested in art, book reading, ice cream eating, soccer playing, shoe buying, and being a grouch in the mornings.

Paige's life in the Midwest was interrupted by a short nine-month stint in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Then she moved straight back to Illinois. Soon after high school started, Paige and her family moved again; this time to Danville, Indiana.

Unhappy at first, Paige would soon learn to love Indiana and all that came with it.

As high school drew to a close, Paige was accepted to BYU, where she would spend the next four years of her life with five friends.

In her fourth year of college and a degree in English and an editing minor almost done, Paige happened to find a husband-to-be. After a ten-month courtship, Kincade and Paige were married in the Mt. Timpanogos Temple on July 10, 2004.

With a degree and a husband to support, she found work as an editor for Young Living and put her husband through a year of school. Feeling that he was an uncultured swine, she decided to take him on many trips, including a honeymoon in the Virgin Islands, a free trip to Hawaii, and a tour through Washington D.C.

With all the fun Paige was having, she needed a little nudge to decide to have a baby. Shortly after that decision was made, Paige got pregnant.

After a very long nine months, Paige gave birth to a very healthy and beautiful little girl named Stella Nadine, who weighed 6 lbs .13 oz. and was 19 in. long.

Paige still enjoys part-time employment from Young Living as the global communications specialist, working with the marketing communications and international departments. She also spends much of her time taking care of her family.


Davis Family said...

Happy Birthday Paige, we miss you guys!

brit said...

happy birthday paige, i didn't know your b-day was the same as andrew's. now i will never forget! hope you had a great day! cute post kincade! you're such a cute husband! you guys are an absolutely adorable family. love ya, the nygrens!

The Kolste Family said...

Happy Happy Birthday Paige!!!!

Emily said...

Paige, I really like those white flip flops. Are they platforms? I think I saw Becky wearing those a few months ago. Happy birthday (a few days ago)!

Romney Family said...

Happy belated b-day paige!! Way to go with the good blogging skills Kincade!!

Suzette said...

Happy, Happy Birthday Paige!!!
We love you! I am so glad that I hired you way back before you became a global communications specialist (hehe). You have brought a lot of laughs and fun into our lives. One of the memories I'll always treasure is when we saw Joseph at the Salt Palace. Boy were you scared!!!!

Chelle said...

Happy Birthday, What day is it he 22 or 23? If 23 you share it with Justice! ANyway hope you had a very Happy Birthday!