Friday, February 1, 2008

Wanted: A Few Moments of R & R

One day last week, Stella slept so much that I was worried she was sick; she napped, ate, then napped some more, then ate some more, and then napped some more. I wished she would be awake for more than the few minutes it took to eat.

Over the last couple of days, she hasn't slept in her crib more than thirty minutes at a time during the day, and nighttime isn't much better. I find myself wishing for Baby Nappy McNapperson.


Anonymous said...

I notice the crying Stella has 2 pacifiers beside her. Evidently she doesn't want either. I wish I were there to hold her!

Emily said...

Stella is obviously upset because now she doesn't get to go to Oakland OR Disneyland. I don't blame her.