Saturday, February 2, 2008

Stella's Bath Story

Today was bath day for me. First, I had to gather everything up.

Here I am, ready to get in the water.

I like hanging out in the tub.

Now I'm drying myself off.

I got my diaper on just in time!

I taste best when I'm clean.


The Crandalls said...

Ha ha. I love how in every picture she's like, "really, mom? Another picture?"

Ang said...

very, very cute! it is crazy that all of us have children now...we are so grown up! Stella is a beauty---maybe she would be a good hook-up for my little Jesse.

Paige said...

Hi Ang! Good to hear from you. Let's schedule a date for them in sixteen years.

Tressa said...

These pictures are so clever. She really seems to like her bath. I think Bentley still gets nervous when he's in his bath.

The Shaws said...

Paige, that picture of Stella just hanging out in the bath looks just like Kincade! That's crazy.