Wednesday, February 6, 2008

America's Most Wanted

Last year, I returned a book to Barnes & Noble that I had received for Christmas. (If you gave me a book for Christmas, that's not the book I returned.) When I told the cashier I didn't have the receipt, obviously, because it was a gift, she gave me the evil eye as though I had just strolled in, plucked a book off the shelf, and then tried to return it. Apparently against her better judgment, she eventually took back the book and gave me money on a gift card in exchange. This year, different book, different cashier, same evil eye.

I must look like a criminal.


The Shaws said...

It's called, "Customer Service" which Barnes and Noble obviously translates into guilt trips with no receipt.

Anonymous said...

It's actually called "Customer No Sevice" and almost every store has that department.

Emily said...

Were you wearing your skeleton costume? Maybe she was afraid of you.