Friday, February 15, 2008

All Jazzed Up

Look what I did when Paige wasn't home. She isn't going to be happy when she sees Stella. And she's really not going to be happy when she see this blog. I better hide.


Chelle said...

I think she looks adorable!! We love the sport clothing and all our kids wear it. When you have a hubby obsessed with sports you just have to accept it and soon she might even grow to like it, I did and I never had anything to do with sports before Josh now look at us :)

Romney Family said...

You both look so cute!! I love it!!

The Shaws said...

Kincade, that's're a great dad getting her all decked out. AND, I'm just happy you blogged with pictures! It's been almost two weeks since we've seen pictures of that cute little girl!

Anonymous said...

She needs a Broncos and Colts outfit now!

I am going to have to get her those.