Thursday, July 24, 2008

A World Without Dr. Dorian

The TV show Scrubs announced they are moving to ABC and are going to do at least one more season. Zach Braff confirmed this on his blog but said this would be his final season. The producer of Scrubs and ABC said they may continue the show without the main star. To that I say WHAT?! No offense to the other actors, but Zach is what makes that show; he gives the show its mojo. If they continue on with this plan, it will be like

the Simpsons if Homer left or
Curious George books without a curious little monkey or
a movie that Samuel L. Jackson doesn't curse in or
a Where's Waldo book without Waldo or
the Hobbit movie without Peter Jackson being involved or
a Many Faces of Stella post without Stella.

It just wouldn't work.

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