Tuesday, July 15, 2008

An Ugly Tradition

As a lifelong Jazz fan, I would like to welcome Kosta Koufas to the Jazz family of big, non-attractive, white centers.

First came the 7'4" former grease monkey giant, Mark Eaton, who may be the best looking of the bunch.

Mark's heir-apparent is a really big boy from Kansas named Greg Ostertag. Looks are deceiving in this case; in the middle of his NBA career, Greg gave his sister one of his kidneys.

Greg's backup for a couple years was Jeff Foster, his nose, and his lack of talent.

The Jazz now go overseas looking for big, non-attractive white guys. They found Mehmet Okur in Turkey. (Turkey must not have a lot of attractive males because this guy married a former Miss Turkey.)

Once again, welcome to the family, Kosta.

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Emily said...

This is hilarious.