Saturday, January 12, 2008


Stella's baby blessing was on December 30, and it was nice to have so much of my family here for it. It was also nice to have Kincade's family here but lots of them live in the area so quite frankly those people are always around.

My other favorite part about the day, other than the wonderful blessing Kincade gave, of course, was that Stella finally got to wear the super cute dress I bought for her months ago. (Thank you,


Smitty Fam said...

I love the dress, it is too cute. So are you and the brother behind you in the gray suit twins, cause man you look alot alike . You both look just like your mom!! I thought the Olsen's(my fam) looked alike but that is pretty close.

Paige said...

Everyone tells us that! He's actually three years younger, but I bet if he put a wig on, you'd call him "Paige."

The Shaws said...

Paige, you look so great! And Stella looks like a doll, seriously, she's so little! Oh, I'm so excited you're blogging, you make me laugh! And I, too, hide things from myself all of the time. I spent like $8 on a onesie at the BYU Bookstore and I can't find it anywhere! Addie already is too fat to wear it, so I guess it doesn't matter, but it still bugs.