Monday, January 28, 2008

A Common Pattern

Apparently this blog is going to be 10% from me and 90% from Paige, and this post is so I can stop hearing Paige ask me to post once in a while. I'll write about her and the pattern I am beginning to notice. The other day was laundry day, and we had just washed our sheets. Paige asked me if I would go up and make the bed with her. So being the nice guy that I am, I carry up the sheets and start making the bed. I had it half done and Paige had not come up to help yet. Then before I know it, the bed has been made and no Paige sightings at all. I then began to think back and realized that this is not so uncommon. If this is Paige's way of tricking me into making the bed, I guess it had worked. All she really needs to do is ask, "Kincade, could you go make the bed?"


Anonymous said...

If you would have asked me BEFORE you married her I could have told you how her mother gets me working around the house.........wags her finger and says "you get busy!"

So, you are lucky (sort of).


Anonymous said...

HAHA, Not really.

They are both too nice.


Lauren and Tyson Fiala said...

Ha! That sounds like Tyson and I. I hate making the bed so Tyson puts the sheets on and I put the pillow cases on. I think that is fair.

Emily said...

Nice cover up, Paige's dad.
Kincade quit blogging about this or else maybe Jason will find it and figure things out.

Tricia said...

I bet if you start making the bed really badly then Paige will stop having you make it.

Now that I think of it, maybe if I start burning all the dinners I make Seth won't expect me to make anything anymore.

So many possibilities come from this concept.

The Shaws said...

HA HA! Kincade, I'm surprised Paige even let's you make the bed with fear that the corner may not be lined up exactly right! :) And I love Lauren's response, I totally think it's fair that Tyson makes the bed and you do the pillows! And to think we all lived in the same house... (well, without Tyson and Kincade, of course!)

The Crandalls said...

You wash your sheets?