Tuesday, March 29, 2011

And No More Happiness!

Today I thought it would be super fun to cut sugar from my diet in the form of such deliciousness as ice cream, donuts, and all those other things I crave daily and nightly. From now until my birthday, I vow to not let a single crumb pass my lips. That's three and a half weeks of serious torture. But since I'm announcing it to the (blog) world, I mean business. I consciously did this another time in my life and lasted about twelve days, which is amazing for me. Here's to doubling that! Join me if you dare.


Bailey Family said...

You are one brave girl!! Good Luck!!

Crystal Shafiabady said...

Do I dare join you? My birthday isn't quite as far. . .but first I must know why you've thought up such madness?!?

Paige said...

Because I had a baby and had no restrictions whatsoever on my eating when I was prego. Time for a little self-discipline. (Kincade doesn't think I can do it. I'll prove him so wrong!)