Friday, February 4, 2011

Free Muffin Buffet

Since my mom is in town, we had to go to Costco because she loves checking out everything there. She and Stella and I were browsing the bakery, admiring the rows and rows of gargantuan muffins. After we walked away, this is what happened:

Stella: I ate a BIG bite of muffin!
Me: That's great...wait, you did what?
Stella: I ate a BIG bite of muffin!
Me: You ate one of the muffins over there?
Stella: Yes.
Me: Will you show me which one?

Sure enough, she had poked her finger through the plastic wrap of a six-pack of muffins and dug out a big chunk. I had two options at this point: walk away like I didn't see anything or buy them. For purely ethical reasons, I put the delicious double chocolate muffins
in our cart and we may or may not have eaten two of them as we shopped.

Of course we were thirsty after that, so we opened a box of Capri Suns and helped ourselves to a few of those. I wonder if Costco prefers people to eat their goods before or after paying for them.

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Bailey Family said...

I am so glad that Alexis is not the only one that does things like that. Lucky for me though it was only and apple she took a bite out of. Then again it would have been nice to "have" to buy chocolate muffins.