Saturday, August 22, 2009

Top Five Reasons Paige Wanted A House

#5 A garage for cars
#4 Growing a garden
#3 A big kitchen
#2 To paint and decorate

And the #1 reason she wanted a house...
garage sales.


Tyler and Emily said... are too funny. Next time you take the need to zoom in so we can see all your good stuff that me and my Mom might want. :)

Tricia said...

Doesn't #1 make #5 impossible?

Paige said...

Good point. But only on garage sale weekends. We're having one at Suzette's in a couple of weeks if you want to throw anything in. Or want to shop.

Yvonne said...

She can come and sell all my junk.

Kolste said...

we forgot you were having a garage sale! We were going to come!! So a friend of mine went to Thanksgiving Point that Tuesday and she said it was all worse then the day we went. They went to both the museum and the farm land and that they were both aweful! We need to go to the Childrens Musuem...sometime soon!