Monday, February 2, 2009


A few years ago, I got my first credit card. I was quite happy with my choice of cards since the Utah Jazz logo was on it. Using it was especially fulfilling because I was able to show my true fanhood. But after only a couple of years, the credit card company was bought out and their affiliation with the NBA ended. No more Jazz logo. I was crushed and disappointed, but I endured. I was looking around for another card with a cool logo when I came across an ESPN card. That one even came with a bonus: reward points for sports merchandise! Alas the credit card gods decided a few days ago that it wasn't to be again. ESPN met the same fatal end as the Jazz. I think I'm going to get a card with SkyMiles next. For all of you who have this type of card, you have been warned.

P.S. Happy Groundhog Day...go watch the movie.

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Smitty n' Chelle said...

hey if you get a capital one card they now have a card lab where you design your own image on the card and you can change it every thirty days if you want and it is free. we have a picture of our kids on ours. I just ordered the next one with a pic of Josh and I in the sacred grove for the next one. they have good sky miles too. ya might want to look into them. they aren't going anywhere!