Friday, January 16, 2009

Food for Thought

I have often had sleepless nights wondering why donuts that are made in the store and donuts made at home so different. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy homemade donuts, but I love a nice chocolate glazed donut with sprinkles from a bakery. It just may be one of the many wonders of the universe that we will never know the answer to, like is Pluto really a planet or why do hot dogs and their buns come in different counts or how can women shop for hours on end or when will my Buffalo Bills actually win a Super bowl?


Anonymous said...

Kincade, These are some deep philosophical thoughts. With your deep thinking, I'm sured you are like Newton and about to come up with something as amazing as gravity. You'll be famous!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree, the sprinkles are a question, but double chocolate running down my fingers works!

Blueberry cake are great too!

GpaO / Rick

The Davies Family said...

One of those deep thoughts I can help answer for you. Living in Buffalo and watching your beloved Bills go through two seasons. Granted the first season everyone was injured, and this last season, well you know, you can pretty much plan on the Super Bowl thing in the year 2020, sorry. Good luck with the family.