Sunday, June 8, 2008

A Very Merry Unbirthday to Me

I'm six months old today! So what did you get me?


Kim said...

Happy Unbirthday, Stella! Liam and I really miss you. He keeps asking when we can see "Baby Stella."

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, baby Stella!!!

Calee Schroeder said...

Ok, so I may or may not check your blog regularly.

You both are hilarious. Stella is ridiculously cute.

Thanks for the entertainment :)

(Nikki's little sister)

Lauren and Tyson Fiala said...

I love that little Stella! She is so cute and tiny! When Ellie was 6 months, I’m pretty sure she could have wedged Stella in one of her leg rolls and she would have been gone forever!

Hoesli said...

Page Owens?? Hey I found your blog from Tressa's which I found on Kelly's blog!! Your little girl is so cute! You look great too!!